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Q. Is my furniture worth reupholstering?

In most cases it will be. Quality pieces are worth the re-investment to rejuvenate the look of your furniture. If your furniture holds personal or financial value to you, then re-upholstering is the way to go.

Q. Is it cheaper to buy new furniture?

Quality furniture is invaluable and actually appreciates over time when taken care of properly. Buying new furniture is an option when you have additional space to decorate. Typically re-upholstering a quality piece is more economical then purchasing a like piece. In addition, upholstering your furniture allows you to customize your one of a kind piece. For our clients that desire an original piece, we can design and create customize a piece for just for you.

Q. What is Re-Purposing your memories?

Re-purposing your memories is to find a new purpose for garments that has special meaning to you that is no longer worn. Give clothing a new light by transforming a dress into a lamp shade. For example, your old prom dress can be transformed into throw pillows or lamp shades. Or if your loved one passed away and had clothing they loved and you don't want to throw or give it away find another use for it by using the material for something else. Let us help you into creating a unique item that can give your garments a new purpose! View our gallery to view the dress turned into a lamp shade.

Q. What fabric should I look for?

The good news is that we have hundreds of fabrics for you to choose from. The bad news is that there are hundreds of fabrics to choose from! Luckily we are here to guide you into the perfect choice for your upholstery requirements. Come by and review our fabric swatches. You are able to see, feel and read about the fabric you choose.

Q. How do I care for my fabric, thus increasing its lifespan?

Vacuum all fabric and in the crevasses at least once a week. This helps to remove soil and protect fabric from the embedding of dirt or grime between fibers which can increase abrasion and wear. We will provide you with information on your fabric maintenance once your project is complete.

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